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We create added value for your business


"Our marketing approach is based on the insight and experience that the key to achieving organizational goals of our customers is being more effective and quicker as well than competitors in creating, accomplishing, and perceiving an unique customer value to your chosen target markets."

Rolf Roniger

International marketing has to deal with problem areas and peculiarities that arise both in a national context (risk, uncertainty, complexity) and in a cross-border context.

A sustainable improvement of your company's success in international business therefore requires patience, a great deal of perseverance and a longer time horizon. We support you on this challenging path and contribute to your added value, on the one hand through our network, and on the other hand with our specific experience supplemented with the necessary marketing competence.

In this way, we generate "added value" for you through the leverage effect of a carefully orchestrated and cooperative division of labour between your own existing resources and complementarily, those of Roniger&Partner. The success factor therefore lies in the combination of your own internal components for success and the complementary skills provided by Roniger&Partner.

With this in mind, we support your company in all matters relating to food marketing with our experience and expertise and, in particular, with our ability to provide innovative ideas, generate willingness to change and master project management. Our range of services extends from needs analysis to consulting and implementation, according to our company motto "from the idea to the shelf".