Retail is Detail …

or successful food marketing also takes the details into account – from the idea to the shelf!

Suppliers must use appropriate marketing measures to ensure that their products and services can be sold on the relevant market. And in doing so, supposed details in market development strategies are success factors that should not be underestimated. Because in operational implementation, it is often precisely these seemingly small details that decide on effectiveness and profitability, and ultimately, success in the market.

Even in our globalised and networked markets, this statement “retail is detail” is absolutely correct. As a result, experienced specialists with many years of know-how in food marketing are needed to fathom the relevant impulses sensitively and analytically and to derive the logical measures from them in the displacement markets that are becoming more complex every day.

At Roniger&Partner, a network of proven specialists develops targeted and effective solutions for the customer-oriented “best practice” approach.

We see ourselves as the “TAKUMI” or “craftsmen” in food marketing. The word takumi means something like "craftsman" in Japanese. To be a takumi, you must practice the skills of your craft to perfection through years of dedication and a strong work ethic.

With this in mind, we support companies in all matters relating to food marketing with our experience and expertise and, in particular, with our ability to provide innovative ideas, generate willingness to change and master project management. Our range of services extends from needs analysis to consulting and implementation, according to our company motto "from the idea to the shelf".

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Activities in more than 40 countries

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More than 80 trade fairs attended worldwide

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More than 200 products launched

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More than 300 projects realized

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More than 1,000 valuable talks conducted with suppliers, customers, dealers and other interesting people